Search Engine Marketing

Google Ads and advertising on Bing and other platforms offer another great way to reach consumers. Displaying your ads on search engine pages as well as throughout their display networks will help you target potential customers at all stages of the sales funnel.
It’s a complicated process to get the most for your money. You need to define your audience and your keywords and to compete with others bidding for the same space. We’ll constantly refine your campaigns to improve your return on investment.


Landing Page Development and Optimization

No matter how good your ad, you need to direct your clients to a landing page on your website that answers their questions. We’ll help you develop new landing pages or improve existing ones so that you’ll have the best chance at converting leads.

Keyword Research

We’ll identify keywords that will help find leads at all levels of the sales funnel. You pay per click, so we narrow the reach of the ad to reach the right audience. Our goal is to make sure the people clicking on your ad are interested in what you have to offer. That means you only pay for clicks that may convert to sales.

Account Structuring

When we set up your account, we’ll carefully structure it so that it’s easy to target specific audiences with individual ads. Focus is key and a proper structure makes that easier. We tailor the structure based on your target demographics, your goals, your existing website, and your upcoming plans for expansion.

Bid Maximization

Not every click has the same value to you. We’ll constantly tweak bids for keywords and determine how deep they are in the sales funnel. We’ll help you determine how much you want to spend on a conversion and on each lead. And we’ll make adjustments to your bidding strategy al the keyword level so that you get the best results.


It’s important for you to know how your money is being spent, so we’ll keep you informed constantly. We provide written reports, but also like to talk to you regularly. That will help us understand your business better and fine-tune your ads. We know our industry, but you know yours better than we ever could. That means your input is key to help us run the best ad campaign possible.